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Summer Camp Positions

Summer Positions


Enthusiastic and caring individuals with ability to work well with children ages 3-15. Capacity to be a supportive role model with a general background in sports, the arts & swimming. Upbeat, interactive and friendly a must!


Adults, parents, teachers & coaches with strong organizational and leadership skills. Ability to lead and motivate a staff of general camp counselors, be attentive to the various needs of assigned children and able to communicate freely with parents. Capacity to juggle multiple tasks, be supportive and enthusiastic.

Activity Specialist


Skills & ability to lead specific camp activity areas. Develop a curriculum based program, able to motivate staff & children. Activities include: Fine arts, performing arts, crafts, drama, music, team sports, swimming, ropes course, aerobics, gymnastics, karate, tennis and much more…



Camp Swim StaffThe Swim Program is the activity area where our camps place the greatest emphasis. Teaching campers to swim and be safe in the water is a top priority of our day camps. Lifeguards are required to be Lifeguard and CPR certified, but there are also opportunities for those who do not yet have certifications. Many of our camps offer Lifeguard Training courses which will help you get your required certification prior to the start of the camp season. To work in Nassau County, lifeguards must also be Nassau County certified. Additional responsibilities and pay is available at most camps for those lifeguards who are also WSI certified (Water Safety Instructor).



As in any great organization, the people working behind the scenes at camp are vital to the success of the team. In camp we call these staff members “support staff”. Camp support staff consists of nurses, office staff, web staff, kitchen staff, maintenance workers and security officers.

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